Lose Weight & Get That Fit Lean Body

  • 12 Weeks program designed to get you trim & looking AMAZING!
  • 100% Individualized Training
  • Weekly Consultations
  • Healthy Eating Recommendations
  • Feel More Confident
  • See Results !!!

You Can Lose Weight & Maintain it!

  • You probably know people who are lean and never seem to have issues with their waistline. However, you do not seem to achieve the same results.
  • This is quite normal. Without the proper plan and guidance, breaking bad habits and learning to eat right is a challenge.
  • If you want to lose weight and get lean toned muscles this program is for you.You will get in shape, create new healthy habits, lose weight and keep it off.
  • It is specifically designed for Men and Women who desire to lose weight and get in shape. Its completely independent from your current fitness level.

So, what will you get from us ?

  • After you complete your order, you will receive a detailed confidential questionnaire to fill out. This information will not be disclosed to anyone.
  • I will then prepare Your Individualized Program which you will receive within a couple of days per Email.

Your Program Will Include:

  • Resistance training workouts with various equipment (machines, barbells, elastic bands or med balls) Free weights.
  • (The exercises are listed with sets, repetitions and execution explanations. Your workouts will be new every 4 weeks but different within the week).
  • Detailed cardio plan that explains frequency and intensity.
  • A list of suggested foods that you will have to choose from.
  • A list of suggested supplements that will help you optimize your health, maintain a strong immune system and perform better at the gym.
  • For optimum results we strongly recommend you to add the personalized nutrition plan as well.


  • This is a minimum 12 weeks program – You will need to work out between 4-5 times per week. In order to start seeing changes a minimum of at least 3 times per week of training is necessary. We need this commitment from you to make sure you will get the desired results.

What Kind of Results Can You Expect?

Results YOU GET!!!

  • You will lose weight and be amazed at your new look.
  • You will train and eat to keep the hard earned results.
  • You will Feel and Look Great and impress People !!!

How Do I Get Started?


First thing is to Sign up using the PayPal button at bottom of this page.

After you have signed up and your payment has been cleared we will send you a detailed questionnaire to fill out. This questionnaire will help us create a training plan.

Your data are 100% private and wont be shared with anybody.

  • The Monthly sequence
  • Each workout
  • Duration, frequency and intensity


I Want to Lose Weight