Get Your Nutrition Right

  • 100% Individualized Nutrition Plan
  • Eat according to your goals
  • Learn how to eat
  • Never diet again
  • Maintain your results !!!

Nutrition Program



If you do not plan, prepare and follow a nutrition plan, it will be extremely difficult for you to lose weight and maintain any loss over a sustainable period.

In our daily hectic life, we are too much used to eat junks, skip meals, cave in to cravings and finally eat the wrong type of food.

All this can change with a little bit of method and the right information.

This is what our Nutrition Plans offers.

We develop specific meals plans in conjunction with your goals.

  • They are 100% created specifically for you, according to our consultations and your progresses.
  • The way it works is that we send you a very detailed questionnaire about your eating habits and lifestyle.
  • We can schedule Skype conversations to answer your questions and specify the information.
  • Your answers allow us to create your individualized Plan. We then track your progresses over Skype and Emails during the duration of your Membership.
  • We monitor your weight and keep motivating and pushing you towards your goal.

See What Others Are Saying…

I had put on a lot of weight in the last 10 years and was at the point where I had neither energy nor strength. Catherine helped me tremendously! First she is very tough, so you get pushed intelligently.

No way I would have done it alone. Second, she is very experienced and her training is completely different from just using machines, its fast, intense and when you are done, you know your money was well spent!

competition-text-2Nicolas P, Berlin

I was told that it would take me 1 year or more to lose the 10-12 pounds I had put on. I was frustrated and when a colleague recommended Catherine, I switched. The results have been Amazing! I am hooked now.

I load my extra weight in 10 weeks and am in a shape I would never have believed possible. Her combination of individualized exercise programs and meal plans are fantastic! Don’t hesitate, Just go for it !

competition-text-2Tassoula H, Berlin


Individual Meal Plan
295 monthly