Terms of Service


The client (Online and in Person) understands that participation in any kind of physical activity and exercise program includes risks of injury. The client is responsible in providing all information concerning his/her health and that is capable of participating in a training program.

It is the client’s responsibility to inform the trainer of any discomfort of pain during the exercise.

The Client understands that all training and nutrition programs are suggestions and are supposed to be combined with healthy lifestyle. In no case intended to diagnose, replace or cure any medical conditions.

The client acknowledge and is fully aware that BikiniAcademyBerlin.com and BikiniAcademyBerlin.com are NOT offering any guarantees and results are individual and varied from person to person and full commitment of the client is required in order to obtain the best possible results he/she desires.

The client fills out the health and information questionnaire provided by BikiniAcademyBerlin.com and BikiniAcademyBerlin.com freely and gives accurate information about his/her health, physical condition and eating habits.

The client is responsible to inform BikiniAcademyBerlin.com and the trainer if any change in his health of physical condition occurs during the time of his/her training contract.

If the information provided by the client is false, BikiniAcademyBerlin.com cannot provide accurate and personalized service.

BikiniAcademyBerlin.com cannot be hold responsible if any form of liability, injury or even death of the client occurs.

1 on 1 Training Sessions (Online or Offline)


The client should arrive on time for the beginning of his/her session. (online agreed time or offline)

The client should inform BikiniAcademyBerlin.com or the trainer for any delay in advance. Any late arrival is counted within the 60 minutes and do not extend the client’s session and can also result in total cancellation if is 30 min. due.

Missed Sessions

Individual training sessions can be rescheduled depending on the trainer’s availability only if they are cancelled 24h in advance.

Missed sessions from training packages due to client’s no-show, cancellation or vacation are not rescheduled.

BikiniAcademyBerlin.com and the trainer are only rescheduling sessions missed due to their inability to provide the service, for the earliest convenient time for both parties. These sessions are free of charge.

Payment and Refund Policy

Payment of all individual sessions, training packages and meal plans, are paid in full and in advance before the beginning of the service.

If payment is not provided on time the service agreement is void.

BikiniAcademyBerlin.com has a non-refund policy.

Online Training

BikiniAcademyBerlin.com and affiliates trainers provide individual training plans Online anf offline. Each training program is confidential and unique to the client’s situation. Under no circumstances should this training be shared with third persons. The training programs encompasses bikini competition preparation, staging and nutrition depending on the client’s package choice.

Privacy Policy

All information given by the client are confidential and non-disclosed to third parties.

All training programs and meal plans created by BikiniAcademyBerlin.com are intellectual property and not to be share divulged to anyone other than the client itself or any online social media, blogs, communities and other means. By doing so can result in legal actions.


Please read our Disclaimer prior to booking any classes, sessions or private training.